Handcrafted Jewelry Designer and Artist based in South Shore, MA

Erin Slayton, the artist behind these pocket of sunshine dreams, began creating her product in February of 2018. 

The vision sprung from her love to accessorize, until she found, time and time again, that she didn't have the right jewelry to match her mood.

"I'm the kind of gal who likes to dress how I feel. I wasn't finding what I needed, so it dawned on me that I could try to create it instead.

It kind of made perfect sense, and has since flourished with growth from there!"

Only later did it occur to her that this hobby could transform into a prosperous side gig -

one that didn't feel like work, and could still make her happy.

The vision behind @pocketofsunshine7 is one that acknowledges the unique individuality that we all embody and should celebrate. 

"No two of us are alike, so why should our accessories be any different? I craft unique designs that compliment each person in his/her own way. I love the personal touch of interacting with my customers and I hope they love the personal touch of specially customized designs, just for them!"