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Wire rings to be customized, can be made anywhere from size 3-15.
Customers can select which stone, and which color wiring they would like to have.
Gemstones are mostly irregular chips (natural shapes) but the list of rounded/oval stones is below.
If you prefer the rounded ball stones, they include the following:
- Pink opal
- Rose quartz
- Malachite
- Labradorite
- Turquoise (reconstituted)
- Black jasper
- Garnet
- Picture jasper
- Ruby
- Pink zebra stone
- Morganite
- Natural agate (ice blue)
- Goldstone (oval)
- Tiger's Eye
- Amazonite
- Rhodonite
- Howlite
- Opalite
- Green aventurine
- White moonstone
- Red Tiger’s Eye
- Sodalite
- Crackle Crystal
- Black jasper
- Rutilated agate
- Amethyst
- Blue aventurine
- Indian agate (oval)
- Striped agate (blue or black)
- Yellow agate

*For best jewelry wear avoid water.

Wire Rings

Wire color
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